30 May

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a mid-week dinner, why get your kitchen all dirty when we’re already set up to feed you and your family the best meal you’ll have all week?

Come in to Rimel’s Bar & Grill and treat your family to the simply, hearty, authentic flavors of an incredibly meal cooked over an oak burning wood fire. We start with the highest quality ingredients, lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection. There is something for everyone and an upscale casual atmosphere that naturally spurs conversation so that you can catch up on the relationships that matter most. It’s always a great night at Rimel’s in Del Mar Highlands.

It’s tough to come home from work and always have to dive into cooking and cleaning without really getting quality time with my kids. So, a couple times a month we take the family to Rimel’s for dinner, and you know what… those are the best nights. We love it!

– Karen Pushea

Make your family happy and do yourself a huge favor… give your kitchen the night off and let Rimel’s take care of you. At Rimel’s, we’re all family!